Steve Karla Music and Art



Steve Karla has been making music and art his whole life.

With twenty-five years playing guitar, he now performs professionally and regularly in the Asheville, North Carolina region in several projects, including as lead guitarist and organizer for the Hot Club of Asheville.

His passion is for practicing the high level of skill of the gypsy jazz genre, while also expressively exploring its bounds. He approaches his playing much like a painting, with attention to layers, colors and textures of sound, within the natural tension and harmony of a composition.

Formally trained in visual fine arts, Steve also continues to make surreal paintings that reference and use his experience with drawing, sculpture, music and exploring our internal creative processes. His paintings are mixed-media, narrative-like, and highly imaginative and detailed.

In the past several years, he has also been learning the artistry and craftsmanship of building and repairing guitars, with the help of several local luthiers. He has now made seven handmade guitars, exploring customizations to suit the sound and needs of a contemporary gypsy jazz musician.